Interior Design

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Interior design is a process of forming space experiences. A comfortable, formal, sacred, relaxed, intimate atmosphere etc. can be formed by giving special treatment to space-forming elements, namely walls, floors and ceilings. The atmosphere we want can be realized by choosing the right material for the elements that form the space, structuring the furniture and ornaments right.

Interior design is a creative work process that provides analysis of space requirements, formulates design concepts, design processes, presents them in the form of communicative drawings and makes work documents / construction. So that the design can be realized according to your wishes.

The scope of the Interior Design work is as follows:

  1. Planning Phase (Preliminary Design)
    • At this stage the process of analysis / introduction to the problem is carried out, formulating the scope of the problem, collecting relevant data to be assimilated. This initial data will be a reference in the preparation of space programs, design concepts, and initial designs.
    • The output at this stage is the design concept of Site Plan, Plan, Look, Cut and Perspective.
  2. Stage of Design Development (Design Development)
    • The design development phase is a continuation of the planning phase, in this stage the designs that have been in the previous stage are re-processed so that one final design is obtained.
    • The output of this stage is the Image of Site Plan, Floor Plan, Look, Cut and Perspective. In this stage a more detailed explanation of the design can be obtained.
  3. Final Design Stage (Final Design)
    • This final design stage is a stage where one final design that has been mutually agreed upon is subsequently produced in the form of work drawings.
  4. Output in the form of Working Drawings and RKS (Work Plan and Conditions)

In this stage the production process of working drawings is carried out, so that the design that is suitable for you can be realized immediately. This work drawing is a reference image for the contractor.



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