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A mockup or scale model is a miniature model of the design of a building that is designed or is built. Mockups can also be used as presentation aids or in construction projects for both buildings (houses, office buildings, etc.) and the development of an area.

We serve a scale model for study and presentation purposes at negotiable prices. The cost of making mockups is greatly influenced by the design/level of difficulty, materials used and processing time. The cost of making models is calculated based on the size of the model (in cm2) x price / cm2. Price / cm2 changes according to the level of difficulty, materials used and processing time.

We offer the cost of making mockups from Rp. 3,500, – / cm2. The final mockup price can be determined after we get a more detailed picture, so there is no confusion. We offer solutions for you. Do not hesitate to spend extra funds to make models. Maybe the fund will return to you many times because the model can help in bringing in investors or in the marketing process.

The price of the model includes shipping costs in the city of Bandung.



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